Operas and Ballets


Eystein of Nidaros

Commissioned by: Olavsfestdagene,

Trondheim (2003) Libretto: Edvard Hoem

For: soli, two choirs and orchestra

World Premiere: July 2003

Orchestra: Festival Orchestra

Conductor: Terje Boye Hansen

Dur: 90'

CD: Magnificat

Score: Contact the composer

You Tube: Excerpt: Fader i himmelen

Olav Engelbrektsson

Commissioned by Steinviksholm Musikkteater (1993)

Libretto: Edvard Hoem

For: soli, choir and woodwind/brass/synth/perc.

World Premiere: 5. Aug. 1993

Orchestra:  Local musicians from Trøndelag

Conductor:  Geir Johan Lauås

Dur: 90'

CD: Magnificat

Score: Contact the composer

You Tube: Dance Scene

and excerpt: Mi sjel er tom


Commissioned by The community of Røst, Nordnorske Festspillene (2012)

An opera in 3 Acts

Libretto: Ragnar Olsen

For: soli, choir and sinfonietta

World Premiere: 04.08, 2012

Collaboration between the Norwegian Opera & Ballett, and local singers.

Orchestra: Bodø Sinfonietta Conductor:Torodd Wigum

Producer: Hildegunn Pettersen



Querini Opera

Score: Contact the composer


Commissioned by the Norwegian International Women´s Museum

in collaboration with Teatret in Glåmdal.

Chamber opera (2017) - "An Opera-Cabaret"

about Dagny Juel

for soprano, narrator and piano trio

Libretto: Henning Sommerro, based on text by Dagny Juel

World Premiere: 15. Sept. 2017

Producer: NAUST Music by Lisbet Frøystadvåg

Dur: 60' min.

Score: contact Henning Sommerro

You Tube:excerpts


Randi med steinen

(Randi with the stone)

Commissioned by Kristiansund Opera (1986)

Based on a fairytale from Norway

For sinfonietta.

Conductor: Kjell Seim

Dur. 60'

Score: Contact the composer

Kristin Lavransdatter i Nidarosdomen (Kristin Lavransdatter in the Cathedral of Nidaros)

Commissioned by Olavsdagane (1992)

For violin, perc. and organ.

World premiere 26.06 1992

Dur: 40'

Score: contact the composer

El bacalao dorado

Commissioned by Kristiansund Opera (1992)

For sinfonietta

Orchestra: Festival Orchestra

Conductor: Kjell Seim

Dur: 45

Score: contact the composer