Commissioned by Trøndelag Teater (1983)

Libretto: Kristian Kristiansen,

Edvard N.Rønningen and

Hans Rotmo.

World premiere: Trødelag Theater, 1983

Conductor: Per Dreier

Dur: 90'

Score: Contact the composer

An- Magritt

Commissioned by Trøndelag Teater (1988)

Text : Johan Falkberget

(Based on his work Nattens brød )

and Edvard N. Rønningen

World Premiere: 27.08.1988

Nominated to: Nordic Council´s Music Prize 2008

Dur: 90'

Score: Contact the composer

Kjærleikens ferjereiser

(A Commuter Kind of Love)

Commissioned by Sogn og Fjordane Theater (2014)

Text: Edvard Hoem

For: Vocals, keyboard, el.guitar, el. bass and perc.

World Premiere: SOFT, Førde 11.09.2014

Dur: 90'

Score: Contact te composer