A Fiddler´s Diary

Commissioned by Celtic Connections (2010)

For fiddle and string orchestra

World Premiere: 22.01.2010, Glasgow

with Scottish Ensemble and Aly McBain

Dur: 10 '

Score: contact the composer


Commissioned by: Elena Yakovleva (2003)

Russian Suite for Violin and String Orchestra

World Premiere: 27.04.2003, Tynset

Orchestra: Nord Østerdal SO

Conductor: Tormod Knapp

Dur: 15 min



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You Tube: Excerpt: Eventyr (Adventure)


Commissioned by cellist Aage Kvalbein (1999)

Concertino for cello and strings

World Premiere: Kristiansand SO

Nominated to: "Work of the year"-

Norwegain Music Publisher´s Society, 2015

Dur:  approx. 14'




Commissioned by Aleksandre Khatiskatsi

and Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra (2017)

For solo violin and orchestra

World premiere: 3.1.2017

with Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Violin: Aleksandre Khatiskatsi

Conductor: Vasili Petrenko

Norwegian Music Publisher´s Society's, 2020

Nominated to "Work of the year"

Dur: 19'

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Commissioned by Per Sæmund Bjørgum  (1998)

Suite for Fiddle and String Orchestra 

Violin: Per Sæmund Bjørgum

World Premiere: Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra (KORK),

store studio, 1998

Dur: 15'

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You Tube: Excerpt : Hyljarliv

Brimi - portrait


Commissioned  by East Neuk Festival/ Lichfield Festival/

Trondheim Chamber Music Festival (2017)

World-premiere: East Neuk Festival July 2017

For fiddle , harp and string orchestra

Fiddle: Chris StoutHarp: Catriona  Mc KayDur:

20 '


Five Nordic Portraits

Commissioned by Jon Faukstad (2009)

For accordion and string orchestra

World Premiere: Hilmarfestivalen, Steinkjer 2009

Orchestra: The Trondheim Soloists

Accordion: Jon Faukstad

Dur: 16 '

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You Tube: Excerpt : I Gotthard

Five Nordic Portraits - a portrait

Follow the Moonstone

Commissioned by Aly Bain and BT Scottish Ensemble (1995)

Three Suites for Fiddle and String Orchestra:

Scandinavian Suite: 16.10'

Shetland Suite: 12.30'

Scottish Suite: 12.55'

World Premiere: Glasgow 1995

Total dur: 45'



You Tube:

The Iceberg

Commissioned by Sergey Inkov (2003)

Text from: Voluspaa (in Norwegian)

Kristoffer Uppdal (text in Russian) and Dylan Thomas (in English).

Cantata for soprano, baritone, mixed choir and orchestra

Orchestra: Tromsø Kammerorkester

Conductor: Sergey Inkov

World Premiere: Tromsø, 2003

Dur: 16'

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You Tube: Excerpt: I The Sun

I´ve Seen...

Commissioned by V. Aaretun and The City of Jericho (2010)

Text: Maamoud Darwish

For narrator, vocal soloist, accordion, percussion and strings in celebration of Jericho´s city´s 10.000 years anniversary.

World Premiere: Jericho city 10.10.2010

Orchestra: The Trondheim Soloist and musicians from Palestine

Dur: apporx. 7'

Score: Contact the Composer

CD: Øra Studio


Commissioned by John Pål Inderberg (2010)

For Saxophone and String Orchestra

World Premiere: Vår Frue Kirke (Our Lady´s Church ),

Trondheim 14.05.2010

Dur: 12 min.

Score: contact the Composer


Commissioned by Jon Faukstad and Sven Nyhus (1988)

Concertino for violin/ fiddle, accordion and orchestra.

World Premiere: 1990

Orchestra: Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra (KORK)

Conductor: Terje Boye Hansen

Soloists: Jon Faukstad and Sven Nyhus

Dur: 13 '

Score: Contact the composer

Morning Day Night

Commissioned by Helsingborg SO (Sweden) 2000/2002

Revised from Den varme vinden, 2000, (The Warm Wind)

Text: Vocalise for soprano (Oblig.) and orchestra

World Premiere: Trondheim, 8.05.2002

Conductor: Terje Boye Hansen

Revised from Den varme vinden ,2000, (The Warm Wind )


Score: Contact the Comnposer


Commissioned by KKKK Festival, Kristiansund, 2019

World Premiere: 2019

Orchestra: Kristiansund SO


Dur: 7,15' 

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Commissioned by Roar Engelberg (2012)

Concertino for panflute and sinfonietta

Orchestra: Helgeland Sinfonietta

Conductor: Nicholas Carthy

World Premiere Mosjøen Culture-house, 2.2.2012

Dur:12 min.

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(soon to be published,

contact : lisbet@musikkforlagene.no)

CD to be released by the lable 2 L,

spring 2022

Solhverv (Solstice)

Commisined by Sigmund Groven (2011)

For harmonica and orchestra

World Premiere: Oct. 2011

Orchestra: Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra (KORK)

Soloist: Sigmund Groven

Conductor: Ingar Bergby

Duration: 12 '

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CD to be released by the lable 2 L

spring 2022

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Concertino for piano and orchestra

World Premiere: 9.02.2002

Orchestra: Trondheim SO

Piano: Trygve Brøske 

Conductor:Bjørn Sagstad

Dur:12 '

Score: Contact the Composer


Commissioned by Trondheim Jazzfestival (2008)

Concerto for soprano (cooler),trumpet, percussion (3 perc.) and narrator.

Based on texts by the peace-researcher Johan Galtung

World premiere: 06.06.2008

Orchestra: Trondheim SO

Conductor: Terje Boye Hansen

Dur: 40'

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You Tube: Excerpt: Africa