Chronological list of works

Selected works by Henning Sommerro (chronological list)

1978    Tippe, tippe tue

             For Children´s choir and school-orchestra.

             Commissioned by Molde Music-school

1986    Randi med steinen

             For sinfonietta Commissioned by Kristiansund Opera

1988    An-Magritt


             Commissioned by Trøndelag Teater

             (nominated for the Nordic Council´s Music prize in 2009)

1991    Gullblokka            

             For soprano, tenor and mixed choir, el.guitar,

             keyboard, percussion and orchestra

             Commissioned by Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra

1993    Olav Engelbrektsson

             Opera for soloists, mixed choir and brass-band.

             Commissioned by Trøndelag Opera

1993    Hå Va Hå Hå Va

             For Wind Quintet

             Commissioned by Trondheim Wind Quintet

1995    Follow the Moonstone

             Suites for fiddle and string-orchestra

             Commissioned by Aly Bain and Scottish Ensemble

             Scandinavian Suite:  16.10'

             Scottish Suite:  12.30'

             Shetland Suite:  12.55'

1998    Aperire

             Concertino for cello and string-orchestra.

             Commissioned by Aage Kvalbein.

             (nominated by the Norwegian Music Publisher´s

             Association for publishing of the year:

             Classical/ Conteporary Music 2015)

1999    Magnificat

             for soprano-soloist, mixed choir and chamber orchestra.

             Commissioned by Nidarosdomen´s Cathedral´s Boy Choir.

2002    Morgon Dag Kveld (Morning Day Evening)

             For soprano solo and symphony orchestra.

             Revised 2003.

             Commissioned by Helsinborg SO.

2004    Alleluia

             For mixed choir, brass, timp. and organ

             Commissioned by Nordic Church Music Days

2003    E.I.M. (Three pictures in minor)

             For Soprano, Pn Trio and Wind Quintet

             Commissioned by Stangvik-Festival


2008   Isberget ( The Iceberg)

             Cantata for soprano and baritone-soloist, mixed choir and

             full orchestra.

             Commissioned by Sergey Inkov, St.Petersburg.

2003   Eystein av Nidaros (Eystein of Nidaros)

             For soloists, mixed choir and full orchestra.

             Commissioned by Olavsfestdagene (St.Olaf festival) in


2003    Aljonushka

             Russian suite for violin and string-orchestra.

             Commissioned by Elena Yakoleva, Petrozavodsk

2006    Ioannes

             For mixed choir

             Commissioned by Nidaros Cathedral´s Choir

2009    Five Nordic Portraits

              For accordion and string orchestra

              Commissioned by Jon Faukstad

2010    I´ve Seen

             For narrator, soprano solo, accordion, percussion and

             string orchestra                         

             Commissioned by the City of Jericho to it´s 10.000 years


2010    Joppe

             For saxophone and string orchestra

             Commissioned by John Pål Inderberg.

2012    REB

             Concertino for pan flute and sinfonietta.

             Commissioned by Roar Engelberg.

2012    Querini

             Commissioned by The community of Røst,

             Nordnorske Festspillene (2012)

             An opera in 3 Acts

             Libretto: Ragnar Olsen

             For: soli, choir and sinfonietta



2012    Solhverv (Solstice)

             Concertino for harmonica and symphony orchestra

             Commissioned by Sigmund Groven.

2012    Kongeblod (King´s Blood)

             Out-door theatre Akershus´ Castle, Oslo

             Commissioned by the Foundation Akershus Festning for 

             Art and  Culture.                                      


2014    Kjærleikens ferjereiser (A Commuter Kind of Love) 


             Commisioned by Sogn and Fjordane Theatre (SOFT)

2014    Ingressus solemnis

             For 3 trp, mixed choir, timpani and organ.

             Commissioned by Rouen Cathedral Choir/ France

2015    Beginning

             Concerto for violin and piano.

             Commissioned by Anders Larsen for Trondheim Symphony 


2017    Borders

             Violin concerto

             Commissioned by Aleksandre Khatiskatsi and Oslo

             Philharmonic Orchestra                             

2017    Chrysillis

             For harp, fiddle and string quintet ad.lib

             Commissioned by Catriona McKay and Chris Stout

             East Neuk Festival, Lichfield Festival and The Trondheim 



2017    Dagny

             An opera-cabaret for soprano, narrator and pianon trio. 

             Commissioned by the Norwegian International Women´s

             Museum in collaboration with Teater in Glåmdal

2018     Three Signal Pieces

              For  Symphonic band

              Commissioned by  His Majesty the King´s Guard


              Oslo Concert House

2019     Ouverture

              For Symphony Orchestra

              Commissioned by KKKK Festival, Krstiansund