Mixed Choir:


Commissioned by Nordiska Musikkdager (2004)

Text: Lat.Trad.

For mixed choir, brass, timp. and organ

World Premiere: Aarhus, Denmark 2004

Dur: approx. 5min.



Commissioned by Norwegian Broadcasting (1991)

Text: Kjartan Fløgstad

For soprano and tenor, mixed choir el.guitar,

keyboard, percussion and orchestra.

World Premiere: 05.04.1991

with Trondheim SO, Olavshallen

Dur: approx. 20'

Score: Contact the Composer

In cæcula, sæculorum

Commissioned by Musikk i Sandefjord Kirke (2003)

Text: Lat.trad.

For mixed choir, brass, timp. and organ.

World Premiere:  Sandefjord church, 19.10. 2003

Dur: approx. 4-5' min.


Ingressus solemnis regi Olavi

Commissioned by: Rouen Cathedral, France (2014)

Text: For SATB, 3 trp., timp. and organ.

World Premiere: Rouen Cathedral 19.10.2014

Dur: 3' min.

Score: Contact the Composer


Commissioned by Nidarosdomen

Cathedral´s Boy´s Choir (2000)

Text: Trad:

For soprano, mixed choir and orchestra.

World Premiere: 12.11.2000

Conductor: Bjørn Moe

Dur:approx. 20 min


Mixed Choir :


Commissioned by Byneset skole (2014)

Text: Torleif Andersen

For recitation, alto and tenor soloists, folk-ensemble,

mixed choir and symphonic band.

World Premiere: 25.10.2014

Dur: 15' min.

Score: Contact the Composer

Partisan Requiem

Commissioned by Musikk i Finmark

and Festspillene i Nordnorge (2000)

Text: Ragnar Olsen and lat. trad.

For recitation, soprano, baritone soloist mixed

choir and orchestra

Dur: 50' min.

Score: Contact the Composer

Sommarmorgon på Jæren

Commissined by Det Norske Teatret (1984)

Text: Tor Obrestad

For: narrator, mixed choir and small orchestra

Dur: 5' min.

Score: Contact the Composer

Vivat, Crecat, Floreat

Commissioned by The City of Trondheim in celebration of Queen Sonja and King Harald´s 60 years anniversary 1997

Text: Trad. For mixed choir, vl solo and strings

World Premiere: 21.06.1997 Olavshallen, Trondheim.

Dur: 3,22'


Våre sanger

Commissioned by: Arbeiderkorenes ( The Labor Choirs´s) 90 years anniversary 1998, Jessheim

Cantata for Baritone soloist, mixed choir and orchestra

Text: Erik Hillestad

World premiere: 23.05.1998

Dur: 10 min.

Score: Contact the Composer

Mixed choir a cappella:

Aurora Borealis

Commissioned by Friendshipfestival, Trondheim (1997)

For 12 voices, 4 parts mixed choir

Dur: 4' min.



Commissioned by Noble Noice,Trondheim (1988)

Text: Trad. /Henning Sommerro

For mixed choir: SSAATTBB

Excerpt from Ord/ Words (contains Hå Ho Hå A I Did L Li Pi Di loA)

Dur: 10' min.



Commissioned by: Nidaros Cathedral Choir (2006)

Text: Lat.Trad.

For SSAATTBB, 3 parts

World Premiere: Paris 26.06.2006

Conductor: Vivianne Sydnes

Dur: 10'


Jeg lagde mig så sildig

Commissioned by                (2018)

For mixed choir SATB and obligato parts

World Premiere:

Dur: 3-4 min.



Commissioned by Jylland Chamber Choir, Denmark. (1998)

Text: Indian,trad.

For SSAATTBB with obl.part.

World Premiere: Sao Paulo, Brazil 1998

Dur: 4-5' min.


The Wind

Commissioned by Trønderkoret

For mixed choir, SSAATB (2017)

World premiere:The Arch-Bishop- Hall,Trondheim

Dur 6 min.

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This River

Commissioned by the Turkish State Choir (2019)

For mixed choir SATB

World Premiere: Ankara, 2019

Dur: approx 4

Three Gregorian Reflections

Commissioned by Trondheim Chamber Choir (1992)

For mixed choir SSAATTBB

3 parts

World Premiere: Lademoen Church, Trondheim, 1992.

Conductor: Norunn Illevold Giske 

Dur: 8' min.


Female choir a cappella:

Deo Gratias

Commissioned by: Nordiske Kirkemusikkdager, Aarhus, Denmark  (2004)

Text: Trad.


World Premiere: Aarhus 2004

Dur: 4' min.



Commissioned by Cantus, Trondheim 2019

World Premiere: Trondheim

Dur: 3 min.

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Three Songs About Water

Commissioned by Cantus (2010)

Text: Stephen L.Stevenson

World premiere: Trondheim 2010


Dur: 7' min.


Men´s choir:


Commissioned by: KKKK Festival,

Kristiansund (2009)


For soprano solo, men´s choir, oboe and strings.

Kristiansund Norway

Dur: 10' min.

Score: Contact the Composer

Men´s Choir a cappella

Da- Ri- Ra

8 pieces for male choir



Children´s choir:

Tippe Tippe Tue

Commissioned by Victor Rostin Svendsen

Text: Trad.

For Children´s choir and school-orchestra.

Dur: 9' min.

Score: Contact the Composer

Vinden er stille, Halleluja

Commissioned by Møre Kyrkjemusikksamband (1988)

Suite built on folktunes from More and Romsdal,

Norway for flute, children´s choir and organ

Dur: 20' min.