Commissioned by "Reginedagene" (2007)

For violin, clarinet, marimba and double bass.

Dur: 5 '

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Legende ohne Worte

Commissioned by The Fartein Valen Festival (2015)

For String Quartet

Dur: 6'

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Hå Va Hå Hå Va

Commissioned by Trondheim Wind Quintet (1993)

For Wind Quintet

World Premiere: 21.2.1993

Dur: 15 '


Sons and Daughters of Norway

Suite ( 5 mvm) for Wind Quintet

World Premiere: Minneapolis, US (2005)

Dur: approx.15 '

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Commissioned by Nidaros Tubaquartet (1998)

For four tubas

World Premiee: Nidaros Cathedral 2005

Dur: approx. 5'


10 Visits

Commissioned by Fannaråken Wind Quintet (2007)

For Wind Quintet

Dur: 24 '

Score : Contact the Composer