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DAGNY - An opera-cabaret by Henning Sommerro :

Opera Magazine, UK: With a tiny lightening rig, approximate period costumes, and ferocious focus, Sommerro´s small team of performers bring Dagny back to life. Augestad gives a wonderfully capricious, self –assured nuanced performance…

Shirley Apthorp (2017)

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Blog, Dorota Szwarchman (Culture jounalist, Polityka, Poland)

Tora Augestad impresses the most with her convincing and captivating portrayal of Dagny, full of warm, generous colour.

Dorota Szwarchman

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Glåmdalen (Newspaper Kongsvinger)

The ensemble were showered with roses and enthusiastic applause after an intense hour. Dagny is thriving!

Anita Krog

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QUERINI OPERA - an opera at Røst

Nordland News 

The Querini opera is with its history and quality so exceptional that it will bring international attention… it is easy to feel enthusiastic by the idea, the spirit and the creative crazy-ness…it is art of upper-class.                                                       

Nordland News 2012

NRK - Norwegian Broadcasting - Nordland 

Three performances, four million crones, outsold houses and the one and  only word from a gathered audience is: fantastic. The newly written opera about Pietro Querini´s shipwreck and  rescue is a huge success....                                        John Inge Johansen

Financial Times

The tiny Lofoten island of Røst, with its 500 inhabitants has written opera history 2012 “ Olsen and Sommerro have created an unpretentious, effective account of Querini´s story.. Their music is simple without being simplistic, and they sing it with polish and infectious passion                                                                                 

Shirley Apthorp

Opera  Now

Above all this was an effective and highly engaging instance of a community coming together and celebrating its heritage through music and drama               

Simon Rees

Orchestral Music

Aly Bain & the BT Scottish Ensemble, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

Financial times

Collaboration between classical and traditional music are not new, nor are they always good news, but Sommerro hit precisely the right tone here.

It was the Scottish sequence that showed Sommerro´s talent at it´s most imaginative.

January 1996


Concert: Ujamaa - an orange cantata about conflict and peace

Adresseavisen (Newspaper)

A music, even afterwardsal peace happening in typical Sommerro style, which set everything in motion, even afterwards.

Indeed art is not necessarily best when playing up to others, but when it sets thoughts in motion, as in this work.

Hroar Klempe, June 2008

Choral Music



Dag og Tid (National Newspaper)  

Lyrical, lively and burlesque; Henning Sommerro gave us a useful reminder that genre bounaries are imprecise

Henning Sommerro is a musical being who ha based his whole career - if one may resort to such a simple notion - on evading all these esthetic sports disciplines of which he is a master, but does not wish to be bound by.

Sigbjørn Apeland, March 2017


Folkemusikk, Magazine 

Henning Sommerro is perhaps one of the most versatile composer we have.

The suit e is full  of quotations from the accordion repertoire, including the classical evergreens - cleverly interwoven and wittly arranged. I certainly had problems keeping a straight facewhile listening, possibly because I share Sommerros sense of humor.

The disc contains a set of references to all the quatations and composers, not to mention the various performers referred to. The commenary and the musical content work closely together as a whole.

Eilev Groven Myhren, April 2017