This page is under construction, and is meant to contain, and successively be updated with short information about a selection of  present projects going on .

(25.08 2021)


The summer of 2021  the recording by 2 L was finalized. with three of Sommerro´s solo concertos:

Solhverv (Solstice) : for harmonica and orchestra

REB : for Pan-flute and orchestra

Borders: for violin and orchestra

Relase : Spring 2022

(Ujamaa, released by the same lable , was nominated for a Grammy in 2019.)


Finally a semester not as much affected by Covid 19 as earlier this year has started, and in Sept. there will be some concerts both with Henning  as a performer as well as a first performance of a new piece for the Jewish Festival in Trondheim 05. Sept. :

People of the Book

Programnote: tbc.

For further details, please look at Concerts,

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Work in progress:

Henning is completing his work with the music to  the documentary-film Ingen hverdag mer  by Elsa Kvamme,  about  one of Norway´s leading  modenist poets Gunvor Hofmo (1921 -1995) , and her relation to the Austrian author Ruth Maier. 

Ingen Hverdag mer : Premiere 21. Oct. 2021 - National Library, Oslo 

NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology starts it semester, and Sommerro is continuing his work as a professor in composition, organ-improvisation and Counterpoint.


In between semester -start at NTNU,  there has been a tour with Klangfestivalen, as well as a small tour with Vestavill. Both at the west-coast of Norway.

Further Hennings has been  finalizing his work on the music to the film Ingen Hverdag mer which has it´s  premiere 21. Oct. 2021 - at the National Library, in Oslo , as well as he has been recording a CD with songs by the Norwegian, famous poet Tor Jonsson. The songs has been arranged for cello and vocal, with Henning as a vocalist and Øyvind Gimse playing the cello.  The CD will be released  in connection to the poet´s jubilum in November 2021. Info tbc.

Ingen hverdag mer

Ingen hverdag mer by Elsa Kvamme:

Norwegian National Library:  OCT 21

Vega Scene: OCT 31

Norwegian Holocaust Scenter: Nov 8 18.30 

NRK - Norwegian Broadcasting , information tbc


The film Ingen Hverdag mer  with music by Henning, has been a success, and more performances are announced during November and December (information tbc) For the composer this month  is fulbooked with concerts  connected to the release of the CD Å Dikte - with poems by Tor Jonsson.  Beside, there will be a couple of concerts together with  Ove Røsbak,  which further are to be succeded with concerts together with Hans  Rotmo´s Vårres Jul.

From the composer´s hand, two  arrangements are completed; one for Nidarosdomen´s Girls Choir, and one for Ole Bull´s Chamber Choir . Beside he is working on a new piece for Trio Luna, a trio (flute, viola and harp) with the origin from  Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. 

Å Dikte (teaser)



After a hectic "last-month of 2021", with plenty of  concerts            (before a sudden cultural lock-down a week before Christmas) , the new year has begun peaceful with a travel to The Canary Island. A couple of weeks with time for composing, like usual, was of great value, before the new semester at NTNU started.

In May Henning will celebrate his 70 years anniversary. It doesn´t belong to his personality to give this a huge focus, but not everybody is listening to such an "ear", and  celebration-concerts will take place. Beside these, other concerts and performances will be put on-line succesively, as soon as information is accessible and confirmed. 

During the spring we can also look forward to the release of his new album by the lable 2 L, including three of his bigger concertos; Borders for Violin and Orchestra, REB for Pan-Fute and Orchestra, and Solhverv (Solstice) for Harmonica and Orchestra. All performed by Trondheim SO.

Let's hope that 2022 will be a year with less covid and less restrictions. That's what the world needs right now!


Not to forget; 31. JAN, both "Trikken to Auswitch" as well as  "Ingen hverdag mer", both films by Elsa Kvamme, with music by Henning, will be shown at the Norwegian main- broadcasting Nrk 1 and Nrk 2 in connection to the International  day of Holocaust.

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